So Impressive!!!

Saturn's Moon


Explanation: A fourth moon is visible on the above image if you look hard enough. First — and farthest in the background — is Titan, the largest moon of Saturn and one of the larger moons in the Solar System. The dark feature across the top of this perpetually cloudy world is the north polar hood. The next most obvious moon is bright Dione, visible in the foreground, complete with craters and long ice cliffs. Jutting in from the left are several of Saturn’s expansive rings, including Saturn’s A ring featuring the dark Encke Gap. On the far right, just outside the rings, is Pandora, a moon only 80-kilometers across that helps shepherd Saturn’s F ring. The fourth moon? If you look closely in the Encke Gap you’ll find a speck that is actually Pan. Although one of Saturn’s smallest moons at 35-kilometers across, Pan is massive enough to help keep the Encke gap relatively free of ring particles.

Image and Info.: http://apod.nasa.gov/apod

Thank You …

Last night charity event was a huge success. Deep gratitude and appreciation to everyone from Love & Charity (http://www.tinhthuongvatuthien.org)! Thank you once again for everything!


Và mùa Thu lại đến một lần nữa ..



reminiscence dreams – Hoài Mộng


Chiều nay Hạ chẳng trở về
Lá ôm nhung nhớ trở vàng đợi mong
Trời Thu nắng nhẹ mây trong
Gió ru niềm nhớ tung bay tóc huyền
Sợi nào dài vướng chân chim
Dây tơ dăng lối chim quên ngỏ về
Thu xưa chưa vẹn câu thề
Bóng người một thưở nay về nơi đâu
Thoáng buồn lơ đảng mắt nâu
Vùng trời kỷ niệm đam mê tháng ngày
Thu về với gió heo mây
Mang theo giấc mộng ta say thưở nào ..


Thank You for Your Love – Andy Lau
Don’t ask me how many time I have been in love, you won’t understand how deep my pain is ..

Mandarin version ..

Cantonese version ..

Vietnamese version ..

Weekend Nonsense



Manchester Riots 2011: scenes from Whalley Range – Such bad aasss! I guess this was how the riot got started!


Greece Pension fund stops payments to dead – “Greece’s biggest pension fund has stopped payments to 1473 pensioners over the age of 90 after finding out they are no longer alive. Todayy’s announcement follows a continuing fraud investigation after officials found that some 9000 Greeks aged over 100 are receiving pensions. The latest census, in 2001, listed fewer than 1700 people as aged over 100.”


No wonder Greece is bankrupt. To be honest, I have no problem with dead people voting or running for office but collecting benefits goes a bit too far! =)

Come across some great subway photos ..






Source: http://www.lightstalking.com/subway

This brings back some good ole memories. I used to take the subway all times to school. That was pretty much my only means of transportation. It was also the 4:55 train .. on platform 9 ..

4:55 – Part of the Game – 讓一切隨風

This version is not as good as the the old version also sung by Don Ho way back in the ’90 ..



Yes I saw you at the station long distances smiles
You were leaving for the weekend catching the 4:55
With your new friend for the season another sad-eyed clown.
Helping to the seeing that you fantasties go down.
And I have to wonder to myself
why you have to go so far
Drifting with life”s daydreams.
Trying to play the star.
I had still remember when you said
Baby now let”s get away.
And I followed you like a schoolboy
I guess that”s part of the game.

Now you call me say you”re sorry
Give me long distance love
You say you like to see me.
Maybe just for a while.
And you”d meet me at the station.
There on platform 9.
And we”d leave for the weekend.
Riding for 4:55.

But I”ve played this scene too many times
To ever feel the part again.
I don”t really want to fake it.
I already know the end so bye-bye cin-cinderella
Everything just has to change
And the midnight blues are calling
I guess that”s part of the game

SpongeBob has an “enemy” ???




Best prayer EVER!

Now that’s the prayer we don’t see everyday!!!

Thank you for the Dodges and the Toyotas. Thank you for the Fords. Thank you for Sunoco racing fuels and Goodyear tires ..

.. and thank you for my hot smokin’ wife ..



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